Christmas 2000

Worst holiday bonus of the '80s

Shay from OH: "Fruitcake from an old lady on my paper route."

Spanky from AZ: "I was working part-time in a movie theater, and the manager gave us all popcorn! Not the kind from the theater, but those stale bags you'd buy at the grocery store!"

Sahar from DC wrote: "The heart necklace that came with the Annie doll. Turns out that like 78% of the population was allergic to whatever metal that was."

Dena in VA: "$10.00 food lion gift certificate."

Kim from MI had this to say: "My boyreiend of three years giving me his class ring (he had been out of high school for 4 years) as an afterthought when I was expecting an engagement ring."

The dude from CA wrote: "I once recieved one of those watches that is also a radio and you can get an am station. It never worked."

Jamie in MO: "The worst holiday bonus was 10.00 which was given to everyone as 'turkey money'. Of course we all thought that our boss was a big turkey."

Cathy from NM recieved: "a jelly and crackers set"

Laurie in OK: "5.00 gift certificate from McDonald's"

Veronica from WA had this to say: "I was just a teen, so my worst holiday bonus was when I worked at a bakery and I got to take home the left over apple fritters for the holidays."

Wally in MT: "As a nice bonus gift for Christmas I was given the unforgettable gift of song, a Boxcar Willie record. I know everyone wanted one, but I was the chosen one (lucky me)."

Amy from AZ: "$2.50 from the fish shack."

Joe C from FL said: "fruit cakes"

Ashley in OH: "A little piano keyboard (I mean one of those little pocket things you get that comes with that little music book with all those nursery rhymes) - you know what I am talking about - they are cheap!!!!!!"

Christopher from NY: "I received a $5.00 gift certificate from the local supermarket that I worked at."

Betty in IL received: "a coffee mug"

Joe in WV had this to say: "My boss told me to mind the ice company and he would repay me when he got back from a 2 week vacation in Jamaica. I got a .10 raise and a tee shirt that fell apart after 2 washings!"

Jet from CA: "free movie tickets"

Catherine in TX probably had the worst: "I got 300 extra bucks. It sucked."

Paul in WI said he received an: "ice pick"

Anthony from NY had our most popular answer: "Not getting a bonus."

Billy in OK said: "Frozen Turkey"

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