Christmas 1999

Holiday Commercials: favorite vs. least favorite


Danchele from University Park, PA, likes cheese on her burgers and in her advertising. Her favorite holiday commercial was the McDonald's spot "where a little girl falls down and Ronald McDonaldhe picks her up and they sing 'When you believe in Magic ...'"

Alisha from Santa Ana, CA, says "I can't remember if it was for a battery or what exactly, but I love the commercial where there is a little boy is opening up all of his presents and playing with all the 'high tech' toys, when his mom tells him to go to bed. He forgets all about his beloved stuffed teddy or bunny and runs up the stairs. All the 'high tech' toys are showing off their skills and all the stuffed toy could do is lie there, looking really sad. Then you see the little boy running down the stairs grabbing the stuffed toy and hugging it and the toy smiles."

Aaron from Washington, PA, has a meatier ad choice: "Eat 'N Park restaurant's Christmas tree picking up the Christmas tree star."

Santa riding that Norelco electric razor over the hillsides was the commercial that David from Overland Park, KS, chose, but he's not sure if that was an '80s or a '70s commercial.

Kristine from Santa Clarita, CA, has three favorite holiday commercials, "The Miller's Outpost commercial. The two Miller's Outpost guys gave up their bus ticket (the last one) to a serviceman trying to get home for Christmas. I like the Folger's commercial where the guy makes coffee and the little girl (presumably his sister) comes downstairs and sees him then the parents wake up to the smell of coffee and they are happy he is home. I also like the Hershey Kiss commercial where they are a few of them in a triangle shape doing a bell-ringer version of We Wish You A Merry Christmas (not sure if that was 80's though)."

Aimee, San Francisco, CA," Some coffee commercial (Folgers?), where the son comes home early morning and makes a pot of coffee and it wakes everyone up and surprises them to his homecomming."

Courtney from Crawfordsville, IN, "Folgers home for Christmas commercial."

Darien from Norwich, CT, says she liked the "I'd like to buy the world a Coke" commerical the best.

Scott from Lewistown, PA, said "Little Santa on the Schick razor".

Cindy from Minneapolis MN "The santas sledding on the electric razors."

Krissy from Chillicothe, OH "Santa sledding on the electric razor"

Kevin from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania "The Norelco 'Santa on a Norelco Electric Shaver'"

Least favorites:

This was the least remembered event of the holiday season.

Scott from Lewistown, PA, says his least favorite '80s holiday commercial is "when Johnny comes home and makes Folgers coffee."

Martha from Whitewater, WI, "Santa skating on razor blades."

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