Christmas 2000

Holiday commercials: favorite vs. least favorite

Patricia's favorites were: "Alka Seltzer; mama mia that was a spicy meatball!

Billy chose: "Max Headroom and Pepsi" as his favorites, and The "Where's the Beef" commercials as his least liked.

Mary liked: "The santa riding down the snowy hill on the Norelco razor."

Elsa chose Folgers for her favorite and Where's the Beef for her least favorite.

Joe liked the Coke commercials while (understandable for most men) he greatly detested the tampon commercials.

Michele chose "Where's the beef?" as one of her favorites, and the "I've fallen and can't get up" as her least liked.

Christopher had this to say: Favorite:"Coca-cola w/ the "I'd like to buy the world a Coke song. It just hit the mark. Closely followed by that Folgers commercial when the kid comes home from college to surprise the family and puts on coffee to wake everyone. Talk about genius writing." Least Favorite:" The Crazy Eddie commercials that use to run."

Tina chose for her Favorites: "any of the Pepsi commercials" and for least favorite: "Mikey likes it..."

Ron's favorite was "Rerun from the 70's - the perrinial Coke & candles 'I'd like to teach the world to sing' thing." Least favorite being: "The Christmas version of the Wendy's 'Where's the beef?' commercial.

Brad liked: "Softer side of Sears" and disliked: "Singing Coke Christmas tree."

Craig had one of our most interesting recollections: Favorite "Definately the Diet Coke ad where all those guys "helped" the hot chick in the white see-through bathers out of the pool! -yumm-oh!" and his least favorite: "There used to be advertisements for a theme park called "Adventure World", after going there you found out it wasn't all that adventurous."

Jim: "Always liked Toys R Us commercials" but disliked: "those Max Headroom commercials."

David's favorite were the Budweiser horses pulling the beer wagon.

Ron chose for his favorite: "some Anti-Acid commercial. 'I can't believe I ate the whole thing...'" while his least favorites were: "anything with the pizza hut 'noid' in it."

Most of us will easily remember Leslie's favorite: "It's time to make the doughnuts!"

Veronica's favorite: "I remember the Norelco shaver one with Santa." While her least favorite were: "The previews for that scary movie where some guy dressed as Santa goes around murdering people. I believe it was called 'Silent Night'."

Erika's favorites were "Corey Feldman McDonalds commercials".

Teresa's favorite memory is of the "Tidy bowl man in a santa suit".

Kat had this to say about her favorites: "Oh wow... plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is.. (can't quite remember the details, I think a kid or an elf on a sled..) .. or was it the guy standing there saying 'I can't believe I ate the whole thing.'" Her least favorite? "The Cabbage Patch Kid commercials."

Renee's favorites included: "The one with the 7up spots. Or the one the local restaurant used to run with a star trying to get up on the top of the tree." Least Favorite: "I hated the psas around the holidays."

Nicholle's favorites: "I loved the Coke or Sprite commercials. Ooh, I also loved the one where the son is all bundled up to go outside in the snow and he says he's leaving and the mom is baking 'ummm, ahhh, ohhhh, poppin fresh dough' chocolate chip cookies and the boy can't resist and runs into the kitchen to eat a warm, gooey cookie."

Julie chose "The Coke commercial with the people singing in the tree formation" as her favorite. "Folger's coffee" was her least favorite.

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