Christmas 1999

Your Best Holiday Memories of the '80s

Danchele from University Park, PA, remembers: "Santa Claus would come to my house on Christmas Eve- we'd eat pepper steak and bake lots of cookies- YUM!"

The best Christmas for Alisha from Santa Ana, CA, was the one filled with such great gifts as "an A-ha record, a pinball machine, a bumper pool table, a bunch of unicorn stuff, dressing up with my best friend in our new, electric blue eyeshadow, black rubber bracelets, lace dresses & of course jellies. What in hell were we thinking??"

Aaron from Washington, PA, says "Loading the trunk of my dad and mom's car with toys at Christmas Eve at Grandma's house" is the best memory he has of an '80s holiday.

Summer from Lawrence, MI, knows the real meaning of Christmas because of the year when "An organization gave my parents toys for my brother and me. If it weren't for them, we wouldn't have had presents that year."

David from Overland Park, KS, has a very simple memory of life during the holidays: "I remember walking to the cafeteria before Christmas in high school, and knowing that my friends and me were going to blow a pocketful of quarters on video games at Leon's (an arcade) when we were done eating."

Julia from Paragould, AR, has a wonderful holiday memory. She says that her fiancee proposed to her on bended-knee eleven years ago on Christmas.

Shannon from Tampa, FL says" I was still a kid so I remember sneaking out of bed in the middle of the night and turning on the Christmas tree lights. My mom would find me sleeping there every morning."

Kristine from Santa Clarita, CA, "The year my mom bought me a Sportsac. She worked for a major department store at the time and this type of purse was really in style. We were very poor and normally couldn't afford such luxuries. On Christmas Eve, she took me out to that store and said 'Pick whichever one you want'. I was 13 at the time it meant a lot."

Darien from Norwich, CT "my first Christmas in my own place"

Eve from CE, Maine, says, "My oldest sister had her first daughter on Christmas Eve in '87, I spent Christmas Day in the hospital with her and her husband and of course the baby, everyone else was down south with relatives... it was definately the best Christmas of the 80s".

Ruby from Jacksonville, NC "Going to Disney World on Christmas Eve and seeing their Big, Huge Christmas tree."

Michele from Port Washington, NY, says, "I remember my cousins being over for Christmas one year and I was sent to bed so that the family could get the presents from the basement. I pretended to be asleep and one of my cousins tickled me to make sure I was and I totally fooled her. Then the family put all the presents under the tree. I had asked for a new bike that year and my other cousin (not the one that tickled me) came into the room and told me that I got the bike and I was so excited that I could barely sleep."

Bob from Seattle, WA " '87- rare snowy x-mas in Seattle. All the men wore santa hats and bah humbug shirts. Even our dog had a santa hat."

Shiara from Calgary, Alberta, Canada "It was 8 am on Christmas morning of 1986. I woke up and turned on my radio. The song from BandAid started playing and I got chills down my spine. I was so excited and happy it was Christmas."

Robyn from Chetwynd, B.C. "The best Christmas present I ever got. A six foot wooden tobbogan, you know the ones with the yellow rope that you hung onto for dear life because you could never steer the thing once you started down the hill! Woww!!!"

Courtney from Crawfordsville, IN "I remember one year my brothers and I ran downstairs to find this huge wall of presents! We were not rich so we were sure we had hit the lottery! That same day our dad came to pick us up and we opened presents at mom's. Both of my parents had bought me Cabbage Patch Premies, and the stroller, and the carrier. That is why divorced parents should communicate at Christmas time! But boy was that just totally rad for me!"

Mary from Dallas, Texas "The year (1982) my first nephew was born, and the year (1988) my own son was born."

Kristin from Santa Maria,CA "When my family rented a cabin in Estes Park, CO for Christmas and we spent the day with my uncle and two cousins. Then the day after we went skiing and on my birthday (on the 28th) my uncle took all of us to see 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' at the movie theater. So that would have had to have been in December of 1981."

Alexus from Cleveland Ohio "Having my daughter on Christmas Eve"

Gabrielle from Wyandotte, Michigan "Christmas caroling around town with my buddies from the high school choir."

Tricia from Greenville, SC "That morning I woke up before everyone else, ran downstairs and saw that santa had come. I was so sure that had happened. It was so nice to believe in Santa. Ah, the days of innocence."

Krissy from Chillicothe, OH "Christmas Eve, 1987, my nephew was born."

Kevin from Beaver Falls, PA "It was 1981 when myself and all of my buds were competeing to see who would get the biggest and loudest BOOM BOX for Christmas. It was just a good year for family and friends that year."

Elizabeth from Boston, Massachusetts "When ALL us kids were home for Christmas at the same time (three boys and two girls, usually spread out all over the globe)"

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