Christmas 2000

Your Best Holiday Memory of the 80's

Anthony in NY: "Having Christmas at our house after all the relatives slept over Christmas eve."

Rick from AZ: "In the college dorm partying with my friends."

Mark in AR had this to say: "Christmas break, 1985 8th row tickets to Bruce Springsteen's Born In The USA Tour (Memphis)!! Oh what a Christmas present!"

Ada from LA: "Spending Christmas eve with my family and friends at home and not wanting to wait till after eating to open some of my presents up."

Julie in PA: "Waking up to a Mr. Microphone in my x-mas stocking!"

Joe from WV's best memory: "Having all of my family together."

Deina from OK had this memory to share: "When I weas 16 ('85) and my dad spent all night putting a stereo in my car - I woke up thinking I didn't get the stereo but my parents told me to look out the window & there was a huge bow on the antenna of my mustang. I spent all morning in the car listening to the stereo!"

Michele in OH remembers: "Getting a puppy (now 11 years old)."

Gina in MO had this touching memory: "Christmas eve 1982. Grandpa got a new toilet seat.. strange gift, but that's not the best part. My cousin got a FisherPrice magic set (she was 3) and did a show for us. She had no idea how she was doing the tricks herself! It was so much fun to watch, the sheer wonder in her eyes was outrageous!"

Amy from NV had a common memory to us '80s patrons: "Singing Micheal Jackson's Thriller album all Christmas day... my brother kept saying, 'Dad, make her stop!'."

Veronica in WA remembers: "The Christmas Eve party at my aunt's house when we would give each other silly gifts and eat chocolate fondue."

Kurt from NJ: "Unwrapping my brand spanking new Atari 5200!"

Nikki in CA recalls: "Having all of my family come to my house for Christmas and my grandparents staying the night. Then we would go look at lights and when we came back there were presents everywhere like santa came and filled the house while we were away!"

Teresa also from CA remembers: "When my brother was born on Christmas 1983."

Juana in IL misses: "When your a kid and everything excites you about Christmas!"

Tracey from FL: "My fondest memory of an '80s holiday would have to be Christmas 1985 when my family moved to Kentucky. It was toward the end of December, and I had never seen snow. I remember when we arrived at our new home and how the lawn was covered in white. My sister and I jumped out of the car and immediately began a snow fight (mind you, we were only 12 and 14 years old). It was the best Christmas ever because it was my first white Christmas."

Melanie from MN loved: "Just being with my mom setting up the tree."

Frank in MO remembers: "Ladies going to Mass at church with their hair in big circles and big glasses and big tight scarves around their necks.

Renee in PA's fondest memories were of: "Family and being little!"

April from OK: "One Christmas I got a boom box, a Michael Jackson tape, and a cool zippered jacket."

The Dude in CA: "Christmas of '83. I got my first Atari 2600 system, couple of transformers, couple of GI Joe figurines, a shirt that said 'thriller', and my first pair of Van shoes 'checker design'."

Nicole from IL said: "My best memory is getting my cabbage patch big wheel... that thing was so fun!"

Jamie from MO: "One year I got some way kool Madonna gloves (black lace), ruffle skirt, and granny boots... I thougt I was it..."

David in CA remembers: "Getting Huey Lewis & The News album 'Sports' for Christmas."

Sahar from DC: "I got a Casio synthesizer keyboard."

Monica from IN remembers: "Waking up in the middle of the night to find our Strawberry Shortcake and Wonder Woman sleeping bags under the tree. Mom found us sleeping in them when she woke up on Christmas!"

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