• Making your profile is EASY! Just click on the Edit/Create Button to get started.
  • After you have logged in, fill in all the information you want to and hit the Create Profile button.
  • Then you may click the Back button to change any part of your profile or hit the View Profiles button to see other member's profiles.
  • Pictures
    The pictures you upload must be in a gif or jpg format. They will usually appear in your profile within a couple business days from the time that we receive them. Your pictures will be displayed in a 150 pixel wide and 200 pixel high format. If you do not adjust your pictures to this size before you upload them, they may be distorted.
    If you are editing your profile you must re-enter the name and location of any pictures as this info doesn't automatically reload as all the other information does.
  • Deleting information
    When you are editing your profile, you may delete an entire section of information by highlighting it and hitting the delete key on your keyboard.
    You may delete your entire profile by hitting the Delete Profile button at the bottom of the Edit/Create Profile page.
  • If you have any questions or comments about The '80s Community, feel free to contact Eddie at The '80s Server.


The '80s Community is Rated E (Good for Everyone) By ESRB. Please adhere to the guidlines of this rating system when posting material to The '80s Community. The '80s Server reserves the right to edit any material posted by members which does not meet these standards.

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