This game is like one of those matching tests that you probably took in school. Simply match the items from the column on the right with the items in the left column. Take the letter from the item on the left and put it into the box to the left of the matching item in the right column. You don't have to capitalize your answer; the game is smart enough to know the difference between capital and small letters.

Once you have finished, hit the button at the bottom of the page and the game will then display a new page with the answers. The text for wrong matches will be red to let you know that you got the answer wrong. Text for correct answers is black. And no cheating! If you back up and try to correct your answers the game will catch you!

You may play the game once a day. There are several different randomly selected categories of matches and the numbered and lettered colums are always in random order so that each player gets a different game from every other player and a new game each and every day!

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