Pac-Man, '80s tracks and Jacques Lu Cont Marti Z. talks with the original Les Rythmes Digitales boy All photos snapped by Simon Gerzina

I have to admit, I have been a fan of Stuart Price (AKA Jacques Lu Cont) ever since I first set eyes on this fire engine red mullet headed techno maven.

A few months back I had the oppurtunity to interview Jacques for Aquatulle but alas after an afternoon of video games, the only thing you could hear on my tape recorder was the blipty blip of Ms. Pac-Man. A few weeks ago Jacques peeps called me and informed me that he was coming back to town. I quickly ran through ideas of fun, but not so noisy things that we could do together. We needed to bond, baby. Finally, we agreed on a manicure. Not only did I get to spend a quality hour, but devirginized Jacques on his first major beauty experience.

We hung out at Color and Cut on East 23rd Street in Manhattan. We talked about cheese and Norman Cook and just why you should never EVER pick up just anyone at the pub.

Marti: What is your current state of mind?
JLC: It's a bit excited, actually. 'Cause I am very pleased that you have chosen to bring me here to get my first manicure.

Marti: What was the last lie that you told to impress someone?
JLC: That I was excited! No, when I had told my mum that I had remembered to buy her a birthday present and I hadn't actually done it.

Marti: Did you end up getting her a present?
JLC: No, 'cause I have been here actually. I am going to try to get it tonight! But what I did do was, I had a live radio show and I said happy birthday to my mum on national radio. I taped it for her cause it was on quite late.

Marti: What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you since you've been in NYC?
JLC: Well it's definitely something at the hotel. It's not even particularly embarrassing. I turned up at the Soho Grand and the credit card that someone had left to pay for the room wouldn't go through, so I put down mine and it wouldn't go through. Then they were really kind and gave me the room cause they deal with Astralwerks all the time. I asked her if my manager had arrived yet. I came straight from Japan (a 14-hour flight) and he hadn't. The girl at reception was really nice; she asked if I was going to be lonely and I was like "what do you mean? I guess so," and they sent a goldfish up to my room.

Marti: Is death the end?
JLC: Death is something that unites us all. Not everyone gets on when they are alive, but death is something that unites us all.

Marti: What was the last thing you bought at the chemist and how was it used?
JLC: I bought eye masks, and I have used my last one this morning. They are good for traveling, which I have been doing a lot of recently. Oh, I also just picked up a Loreal toner and cleanser and facial mask. I just recently got into beauty products. It kills the time during the day.

Marti: What is your favorite kind of cheese?
JLC: Nice Stilton or Brie.

Marti: Have you ever had macaroni and cheese?
JLC: Well I have had many cheeses at a dinner table so maybe not consciously. But I do think so.

Marti: It's odd that you've never had macaroni and cheese, don't you think?
JLC: We'll I have never had a manicure either, and I am having one of them now.

Marti: If you could remix any '80s song what song would it be?
JLC: It's funny 'cause all my favorite songs from the '80s, I think, are kind of untouchable. But there is one that I did have the opportunity to do and it was "Bizarre Love Triangle" by New Order. I thought it was a brilliant song, but the production never really did it justice. So I did my thing to it and I like it.

Marti: When is that coming out?
JLC: I don't know. I think it's for a film. I'm not really sure. Maybe it will never come out.

Marti: Why did you call the album "Darkdancer?"
JLC: I wanted to try to indicate that it's more to it. It could have been a really shallow album. Songs like "Soft Machine" and "Damaged People" add more depth to it.

Marti: How did you hook up with Nik Kershaw?
JLC: My manager called his manager and, like three days later, Nik telephoned me and was like, "yeah I am really up for doing it, so come over my house and have dinner." So I went over and met his wife and kids.

Marti: There are little Kershaws?
JLC: Oh yeah, there are three little Kershaws. Did you also know that Nik Kershaw is an anagram for Sick Wanker? You can try it on paper; it works.

Marti: Is that something you figured out while you were bored?
JLC: No! He told me!

Marti: So what did the Kershaws cook you for dinner?
JLC: I can't really remember, maybe some pasta.

Marti: Was it good? Is Nik a good cook?
JLC: Nik was very impressive. I was very impressed.

Marti: Did you want to work with the Pet Shop Boys ever?
JLC: They just asked me to remix their new single.

Marti: What's your favorite Pet Shop Boys record?
JLC: It was the first record I bought "West End Girls."

Marti: Are you an East End boy?
JLC: No, kind of a West Country boy actually.

Marti: Other than Shannon, is there any other '80s diva singers that you want to work with on any upcoming projects?
JLC: Grace Jones was going do it but at the last minute she turned around and said that she wanted 40,000 pounds! So we had to cancel our plans. You have to be very selective about who you work with from the '80s cause a lot of them are just rubbish now.

Marti: Do you believe in aliens?
JLC: No.

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