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Alright you '70s and '80s high schoolers. Grab your Trapper Keepers, neon pencils and troll pencil toppers. We need YOU to be a part of our slam book. You remember those harsh journals of gossip passed around in the back of the bus, cafeteria and study hall? Don't you? Well, this one is painless (sort of)! Let's hear what you have to say for yourselves. e-mail us your answers at [email protected]. Now remember, we'll keep this anonymous, so only honest answers please. On your mark, get set, opinionize!

1. Who was your favorite Charlie's Angel?

2. What was your favorite John Hughes' movie?

3. If Travolta and Stallone got into a fight, who would win and why?

4. Who were better singers, the Brady's or the Partridge Family?

5. What was more fun, Pac-Man or Frogger?

6. What was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon?

7. Who showed more teeth: The Osmonds or The Pointer Sisters?

8. Who was more sexy: Shawn or David Cassidy?

9. Twinkies or Ring-Dings?

10. Who was your favorite KISS character/member?

11. Sigmund or H.R. Pufnstuf?

12. Leif Garret or Scott Baio?

13. What was your favorite lunchbox?

14. Pop Rocks or Fun Dip?

15. Who was your favorite Sweathog?

16. Burger King or Ronald McDonald?

17. Disco or Rock?

18. Electric Company or Zoom?

19. Who was your favorite Muppet guest star?

20. Emmanuel Lewis or Gary Coleman?

21. Dynamite or Bananas?

22. Adidas or Vans?

23. Who was your favorite Banana Split?

24. Who would win: Wonder Woman or Bionic Woman?

25. Pinky or Leather Tuscadero?

26. Which car was cooler: Dukes of Hazzard or Starsky & Hutch's?

27. Hot Wheels or Matchbox Cars?

28. Willie Waterbug or Banana Slide?

29. What Underoos did YOU wear?

30. Beat Street or Breakin'?

We'll print this in the next issue, so let's hear from you!

e-mail your answers to [email protected]
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