Translate ANY Site into VALspeak,
like, totally!!

A testimonial -- Tiffany Johnson, Encino, California

So like I'm sitting in the mall the other day and like my friend Buffy says to me "Hey, Tiff" (my name is Tiffany, but, like, my friends call me Tiff), "have you seen this mega-huge computer thingy called the Internet?" Helloooo, who does she think she's talking to -- Miss Uninformed? It's not like *I* wasn't the one who told her all about the time I caught HER ex-boyfriend Brian making out with that heifer cheerleader last week. Anyway, I told her how I had gone over to Jeff's house (he's, like, a total stud puppy) and asked him to show me this web stuff. I was like "oh my gawd, only a total dweeb would like this" because none of this stuff made ANY sense. Everyone was, like, TOTALLY talking in languages that made no sense... until I found "Valley URL" by those bitchin' '80s Server guys. These guys are like WAY cool!!!

Do YOU find the world hard to understand?

Then let us help you. Simply type the URL of your favorite website in the address locator above. We'll turn that icky ol' boring talk into easy-to-understand ValSpeak

Now there won't be a single website out there that won't be, like, totally easy to read now.

Can't think of a site to go to? How about a News Sike the New York Times,, or MSNBC at And what about shopping? Yikes. See how shopping sites become so much easier to plow through once they've been translated.

At The '80s Server we not only aim to please, we're here to help the community as well. Thank you.

Golden Web Award

This has been a paid endorsement from the California chapter of Guys And Girls for the understanding of Media Everywhere, or, G.A.G. M.E.

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