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Little did the early pioneers in the new medium called television realize how powerful their visions would become on this planet. Sending and receiving visual imagery around the globe must have seemed absurd at the early part of this century. Glued to their radios, past generations were subjected to simply hearing their favorite stars such as Jack Benny, Jimmy Durante, and Spike Jones. Today, millions of people could not and would not do without their "boob tube" and go to greath lengths to view their favorite programs.

With all this said, why in the hell can't people live without their daily dose of television from the 1980s?!? While some say that it's because "they don't make it like they used to," others stick to their guns with "well, Seinfeld just isn't funny." (I agree!) Whatever the case may be, "Home Improvement" doesn't match up to "Cheers"; Joey Lawrence's "whoa!" can't compare to Gary Coleman's "what you talkin' 'bout, Willis?"; and although Courtney Cox is adorable, Catherine Bach was on more posters and even more lunch boxes.

What are we getting at? Basically this -- television has become less comical, less dramatic, and certainly less thrilling. Where is "The Day After" of the '90s? The "Cagney and Lacey"? The classic "Saturday Night Live" sketches? Well, we may never be able to recapture the original bacchanal we all experienced seeing Jo and Blair fight, singing along with The Smurfs, or finding out who shot J.R. but here at The 80s Server, we'll do our best.

The following pages represent our attempt to reference *every* single show broadcast on American television during January 1st, 1980 through December 31st, 1989...

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