Rewind Answers
Game 787
November 21 - November 25, 1998

Clue -- Round #1 Title Artist
hazard before electricity Candle in the Wind Elton John
Basketball Diaries Memories People Who Died Jim Carrol Band
What Dan Quayle Never Had Head On The Jesus and Mary Chain
It was 9th grade, I walked across the gym and finally asked... And We Danced Hooters
Good Excuse to Screw Up It's My Life Talk Talk
Stolling on Illumination Walking On Sunshine Katrina & The Waves

Clue -- Round #2 Title Artist
An Insurance Seminar Nothin' But A Good Time Poison
Take A Vallium! Relax Frankie Goes To Hollywood
The most important step in making a cake Whip It Devo
Gentelmen's Quarterly. Sharp Dressed Man ZZ Top
George Washington chopped down the cherry tree. Little Lies Fleetwood Mac
80s Art Deco...Very Nice. Puttin' On The Ritz Taco

Clue -- Round #3 Title Artist
Safety from Flood Higher Ground Red Hot Chili Peppers
George Orwell, perhaps? Somebody's Watching Me Rockwell
Mr. Pibb Song My Sharona The Knack
Sad Siskel -- mind the poetic justice. Blue Jean David Bowie
Thank you, sir, may I have another? Hurts So Good John Cougar
Subconscious scenes. Only A Memory The Smithereens

Clue -- Round #4 Title Artist
Cheap Stereo Radio Free Europe R.E.M.
Definition of Lost Destination Unknown Missing Persons
not MY lover Billy Jean Michael Jackson
This Features the Music of Erik Estrada Mexican Radio Wall Of Voodoo
and Jughead Veronica Elvis Costello
The Slowest Dance Rythm Heartbreak Beat The Psychedelic Furs

Clue -- Round #5 Title Artist
The Dandy of Gamma Chi Hey Nineteen Steely Dan
Move to the rhythm. Let's Dance David Bowie
aka Nancy Kerrigan Whirly Girl OXO
Mike's Way Of Opening Up. The Way You Make Me Feel Michael Jackson
Cabbage Patch Kids weren't so lucky. Rag Doll Aerosmith
And the keys to that cool car, too! Gimme All Your Lovin ZZ Top

Clue -- Round #6 Title Artist
Just Cause Site Panama Van Halen
Morse Code For Nothing De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da The Police
Techno-TAFKAP Kiss The Art of Noise (Featuring Tom Jones)
And I just washed my car, too! Here Comes the Rain Again Eurythmics
Aye Carumba La Bamba Los Lobos
Molly! Pretty In Pink The Psychedelic Furs

Clue -- Round #7 Title Artist
Madonna to Sean Penn. Heartbreaker Pat Benatar
Drought + Matches = ? Fields of Fire Big Country
No dessert until you clean your plate. Eat It 'Weird' Al Yankovic
... I see you! Peek-A-Boo Siouxsie & The Banshees
A Marriage Counselor's Job Mediate INXS
Take a left at Iris Blvd. Lost In Your Eyes Debbie Gibson

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