Rewind Answers
Game 785
November 7 - November 11, 1998

Clue -- Round #1 Title Artist
Consult Webster's. I Want To Know What Love Is Foreigner
A Cruise Director's Command Everybody Have Fun Tonight Wang Chung
Not the Go gos Our Lips Are Sealed The Fun Boy Three
I'm not talking about pipe, either, dirty boy. Lay It Down RATT
Inflatible Strawberry Jelly Pump Up The Jam Technotronic
Get out of here Beat It Michael Jackson

Clue -- Round #2 Title Artist
Demanding Lover Gimme All Your Lovin ZZ Top
Easy, there, partner. Relax Frankie Goes To Hollywood
A Writer's Commodity Words Missing Persons
Time To Check The Circuit Breaker When The Lights Go Out Naked Eyes
Have you heard about the... oh, you have? Drats. No New Tale To Tell Love and Rockets
Jogger's Saying I Ran (So Far Away) A Flock Of Seagulls

Clue -- Round #3 Title Artist
How much would YOU pay? Wanted Dead Or Alive Bon Jovi
Can't you hear me? I said 'les yeux sans visage.' Eyes Without A Face Billy Idol
Lunatic's Cry Goin' Crazy! David Lee Roth
Narcissistic View of Marriage Love Plus One Haircut One Hundred
Atlantians Do This Fight Like A Brave The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Carl Lewis's Main Possession Gold Spandau Ballet

Clue -- Round #4 Title Artist
11-3 (Scooter). 1-31 (Ken). 1-27 (Stephen). Birthday The Sugarcubes
Trashy Discussion Talk Dirty To Me Poison
The Life Of A Priest Everyday Is Like Sunday Morrissey
When Your Girlfriend's a Prude... Every Word Means No Let's Active
New MTV Show The Fanatic Felony
Anticipating Female Companionship Tonight She Comes The Cars

Clue -- Round #5 Title Artist
Excuse me, son, but could I see some ID? 19 Paul Hardcastle
Ricki Lake's Source of Boyfriends Only The Lonely The Motels
What Sleeping is For Dreams Van Halen
Alley Dweller's Stroll Stray Cat Strut Stray Cats
Shakespeare Rocks Romeo And Juliet Dire Straits
Shocked teenagers Electric Youth Debbie Gibson

Clue -- Round #6 Title Artist
Ebonics Tutor Slang Teacher Wide Awake Boy
Popeye's creed. What I Am Edie Brickell and The New Bohemians
Yup, it's certainly a neanderthal. Human The Human League
Feline moonwalk Stray Cat Strut Stray Cats
Hopeful Eyewear The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades Timbuk3
Polo Sells These Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl) Haircut One Hundred

Clue -- Round #7 Title Artist
Hard Things To Come Up With What I Like About You The Romantics
Oh, don't worry... it's all taken care of. Automatic The Pointer Sisters
aka Heroin Mr. Brownstone Guns N' Roses
Go, George, go! Let's Hear It for the Boy Deniece Williams
Awww, jeez, Edith. Where's the Little Girl? Gloria Laura Branigan
Promotion For U2 Song Desire (Come and Get It) Gene Loves Jezebel

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