Rewind Answers
Game 633
October 21 - October 25, 1998

Clue -- Round #1 Title Artist
Why I hate McDonalds. Don't Want To Wait Anymore The Tubes
Basketball Diaries Memories People Who Died Jim Carrol Band
Take a left at Iris Blvd. Lost In Your Eyes Debbie Gibson
How much I sleep All Night Long Peter Murphy
Elvis on a Tuesday King for a Day Thompson Twins
Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator X To The Edge Of Panic Public Enemy

Clue -- Round #2 Title Artist
I can't you get out of my mind!!! Always Something There To Remind Me Naked Eyes
Toxic Old Song Your Mama Don't Dance Poison
Madonna had a lot of these in the 80s Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl) Haircut One Hundred
1998 billboard Sign Of The Times The Belle Stars
... I see you! Peek-A-Boo Siouxsie & The Banshees
Snuggle up with Sanka. Black Coffee in Bed Squeeze

Clue -- Round #3 Title Artist
Life With Ricardo Montalbon Another Day In Paradise Phil Collins
Youth Anthem Kids In America Kim Wilde
You got a license for that? The Bird The Time
No slack! Keep It Tight Single Bullet Theory
Convenience Store Dance Song When Reality Bites My Sharona The Knack
Reagan's Legacy Oblivious Aztec Camera

Clue -- Round #4 Title Artist
good question What's Love Got to do With It Tina Turner
A Dean scream. Rebel Yell Billy Idol
aka Independence Day 4th of July X
Feline moonwalk Stray Cat Strut Stray Cats
Psychic Communication Tell It To My Heart Taylor Dayne
Shove THIS! Push It Salt 'n Pepa

Clue -- Round #5 Title Artist
Cubist Habitation Living In a Box Living In a Box
Mary Lou Retton's marriage vow. I'll Tumble 4 Ya Culture Club
Go, George, go! Let's Hear It for the Boy Deniece Williams
This school sucks, man... it sucks! Cruel Summer Bananarama
Ebonics Tutor Slang Teacher Wide Awake Boy
Fresh massage New Sensation INXS

Clue -- Round #6 Title Artist
Who shot Kennedy? They Don't Know Tracey Ullman
Please! Stop The Violence! Sex As A Weapon Pat Benatar
What's the word? Word Up Cameo
Alex Van Halen's creedo. Beat It Michael Jackson
Pop! Blister in the Sun Violent Femmes
Aye Carumba La Bamba Los Lobos

Clue -- Round #7 Title Artist
Thank you, sir, may I have another? Hurts So Good John Cougar
Microsoft headquarters Land of Confusion Genesis
Charles Manson Theme Goin' Crazy! David Lee Roth
Physics Class Land of Confusion Genesis
Can't you hear me? I said 'les yeux sans visage.' Eyes Without A Face Billy Idol
The Ultimate Trump Card Ace Of Spades Motorhead

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