Rewind Answers
Game 629
September 23 - September 27, 1998

Clue -- Round #1 Title Artist
Doing Something Over And Over Time After Time Cyndi Lauper
Strange icey Funky Cold Medina Tone-Loc
Explosive Melodies Pop Muzik M
Mary Lou Retton's tattoo. I'll Tumble 4 Ya Culture Club
The soul thought of sheep I Will Follow U2
Talk to my aorta Tell It To My Heart Taylor Dayne

Clue -- Round #2 Title Artist
boogy down! And We Danced The Hooters
Is there a God? They Don't Know Tracey Ullman
An Icy Freeway Is This Danger Zone Kenny Loggins
It's been 15 minutes... what's taking her so long?!? Waiting For a Girl Like You Foreigner
Hot Date I Melt With You Modern English
a big bang theory Pop Goes the World Men Without Hats

Clue -- Round #3 Title Artist
What Jenny McCarthy Thinks Everybody Wants You Billy Squier
No dessert until you clean your plate. Eat It 'Weird' Al Yankovic
When I Got Sunburned Suddenly Last Summer The Motels
Pump Up The Volume Bring The Noise Public Enemy
Condensation causes. Blame it on the Rain Milli Vanilli
Christmas. Holiday Madonna

Clue -- Round #4 Title Artist
My outlook is shaken, not stirred A View to a Kill Duran Duran
Drought + Matches = ? Fields of Fire Big Country
Last Words of Joan of Ark I Burn For You Sting
Clogged Arteries Heartbreaker Pat Benatar
Thank you very much! Mr. Roboto Styx
the goddess of love Venus Bananarama

Clue -- Round #5 Title Artist
What the Anti-Cupid Carries Poison Arrow ABC
South Of Europe Africa Toto
Killed Playing Trivial Pursuit with Seinfeld. The Boy In The Bubble Paul Simon
Gentelmen's Quarterly. Sharp Dressed Man ZZ Top
Nagging Memories Always Something There To Remind Me Naked Eyes
Strange Family Tune Our House Madness

Clue -- Round #6 Title Artist
Not Far Close (To The Edit) Art of Noise
hazard before electricity Candle in the Wind Elton John
What Monica Lewinsky Told Reporters Dont Forget Me (When Im Gone) Glass Tiger
Dorks pledging to a fraternity We Belong Pat Benatar
Horizontal Harry! Physical Olivia Newton-John
Jenny McCarthy's Home Centerfold J. Giels Band

Clue -- Round #7 Title Artist
Meet. Sleep together. Date. Marry. Divorce. Modern Love David Bowie
not MY lover Billy Jean Michael Jackson
The Alltime Greatest Party Song Celebration Kool & The Gang
Mason-Dixon decorations. Yankee Rose David Lee Roth
Going... down? Love In An Elevator Aerosmith
Poison, yes. Bush, no. It's Still Rock and Roll to Me Billy Joel

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