Rewind Answers
Game 397
April 21 - April 25, 1998

Clue -- Round #1 Title Artist
Not Able To See Miss Me Blind Culture Club
Work it, work it, you go girl! Strut Sheena Easton
Admonition To James Bond Never Say Never Romeo Void
Thank you, sir, may I have another? Hurts So Good John Cougar
Dental Flavor Taste The Pain Red Hot Chili Peppers
Where is that matchbook? Don't Lose My Number Phil Collins

Clue -- Round #2 Title Artist
Charles Manson Theme Goin' Crazy! David Lee Roth
Letter To Santa Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want The Smiths
A butchers nickname The Cutter Echo & The Bunnymen
The Bra Cross My Heart Eighth Wonder
A Writer's Commodity Words Missing Persons
A Stalkers Driving Force Obsession Animotion

Clue -- Round #3 Title Artist
Matchbook Scribblings 867-5309 (Jenny) Tommy Tutone
John Lennon as Sherriff Love Is The Law The Suburbs
A Pyromaniac's Barbeque Burning Down The House Talking Heads
Get me some Oxy! Breakout Swing Out Sister
Alaska. Siberia. Cool Places Sparks & Jane Wiedlin
Easton Secret Sheena Is A Punk Rocker Ramones

Clue -- Round #4 Title Artist
Definitely cyan True Blue Madonna
I'm not sharing My Sharona The Knack
Clear Day Ammunition Bullet the Blue Sky U2
Political Slogan Would I Lie To You? Eurythmics
Sad Siskel -- mind the poetic justice. Blue Jean David Bowie
Kock At The Door Who Can It Be Now? Men At Work

Clue -- Round #5 Title Artist
Pathological Liar Would I Lie To You? Eurythmics
South Of Europe Africa Toto
This school sucks, man... it sucks! Cruel Summer Bananarama
What Eternal Slumber Does Keeping The Dream Alive Freiheit
Toss Me The Bong (Just Say No!) Pass The Dutchie Musical Youth
Hold on! Wait White Lion

Clue -- Round #6 Title Artist
Carousels Do This Round And Round Ratt
My Time In High School Never Ending Story Limahl
March of Dimes Walk of Life Dire Straits
Why buy the cow when you... nevermind. Don't You Want Me? The Human League
It's been 15 minutes... what's taking her so long?!? Waiting For a Girl Like You Foreigner
Jesus' Sibling Sister Christian Night Ranger

Clue -- Round #7 Title Artist
Just Wait One More Day. Love Me Tomorrow Chicago
Madonna to Sean Penn. Heartbreaker Pat Benatar
Carson? NO WAY! Johnny, Are You Queer? Josie Cotton
Onstage Shower Song Maniac Michael Sembello
George Clinton's Home Funky Town Pseudo Echo
Killed Playing Trivial Pursuit with Seinfeld. The Boy In The Bubble Paul Simon

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