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Each night at midnight The 80s Server will sputter and whirr serving you up the next day's dish of "Who Can It Be Now?", a game asking you to name ten 80s musical artists. It might be The Bangles. It might be Rick Astley. It may even be Twisted Sister. You'll never know for sure (fer sure!) until you press the "How Did I Do?" button at the bottom.

Dire Straits
Quiet Riot
Steven Wright
Billy Ocean
George Clinton
Eddie Murphy
Bobby McFerrin
Burning Sensations
The Fixx
The Romantics
The Cars
Monkey Spank
Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Wang Chung
Human League
Motley Crue
Heaven Seventeen
The Gummi Bears
Same Old Sh*t
The Nails
The Cutting Crew
Red Dog
Bubba's Right Shoe
Van Halen
Glass Tiger
The Kinks
Soup Dragon
Cheap trick
ZZ Top
Beastie Boys
Haircut 100

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