Welcome to the expanded version of Gremlines! We've nearly doubled the number of puzzles!

You, the '80s fanatic, must maneuver your way through ten -- yes, ten -- movie quotes matching the dialogue to the movie.

Check back tomorrow for a new set of questions!


  1. "Hello, hello, anybody home, huh? Think, McFly, think."

    Back to the Future
    Hollywood Hot Tubs II
    The Fly
    Dark Man

  2. "You must chill! You must chill! I have hidden your keys! Chill!"

    Say Anything
    Weird Science
    Better Off Dead
    Real Genius

  3. "The power of the force stopped you, you hosers!"

    Strange Brew
    Empire Strikes Back
    Space Balls
    Trading Places

  4. "It is not the hands that call us. It is the desire."

    Evil Dead II
    The Witches of Eastwick

  5. "It is beyond my control"

    Beastmaster II
    Return of the Jedi
    Dangerous Liasons

  6. "Alas, your Mr. Takagi did not see it that way so he won't be joining us for the rest of his life."

    Big Trouble in Little China
    Gung Ho
    Karate Kid
    Die Hard

  7. "What time does that mentally retarded Swedish husband of yours get home anyhow?"

    Beauty and the Beast
    2069: A Sex Odyssey
    Forbidden Zone

  8. "It comes to this... I love Westley. I always have, I know now I always will."

    Room With a View
    A View to a Kill
    Dangerous Liaisons
    The Princess Bride

  9. "Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K."

    Raising Arizona
    Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
    Weird Science
    Fast Times at Ridgemont High

  10. "We're gonna have the hap-hap-happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tapped danced with Danny-fucking-Kaye."

    National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
    Wall Street
    A Christmas Story