Did someone say something from the '80s that you still remember today? Share your favorite quotes and who said them during the '80s with us!

When enough people respond to this survey, we'll create a page where you can read answers from other people.

At the end of the survey, we'll choose the top five people who gave us great '80s Quotes to win a free CD from MacroMusic!!

NOTE: If you don't fill out the survey or if you give quotes from any other decade besides the '80s, your submission will be deleted and not considered for the CD drawing.

The OJ Simpson trial, the Rodney King incident, the LA Riots and anything concerning President Clinton all occurred in the 1990s, so all quotes associated with them are not '80s-related. Thomas Jefferson lived in the 18th and 19th Centuries, not during the 1980s.

John F. Kennedy was president in the 1960s, so anything he said would not be appropriate for this survey. And Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Pearl Harbor speech about a date that will live in infamy occured a day after the actual infamous date of December 7, 1941 ... again, inappropriate for this survey.

Additionally, we are looking for quotes here, not incidents, so you'll need to actually know who said what.

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4. Your favorite presidential or political quote(s):

5. Your favorite quote from or regarding a news event:

6. The funniest or most interesting thing you heard a musician say (or sing):

7. Did a scientist or doctor say something that struck a nerve?

8. You loved science fiction movies, tv shows and comic books ... what's a favorite line:

9. Ten years of TV shows means you saw a lot of comedies, dramas and commercials. What's your favorite quote from TV?

10. Some of the best lines from the '80s came from great movies. What's your favorite line(s)?

11. What lines made the Count Chocula chocolate milk spurt out your nose while watching the Saturday morning cartoons or the Sunday morning comics?

12. Sports was rich with great players and inspiring moments ... what was your favorite quote during the decade?
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